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New Ghost Blows rumor calls 50 players for the mad leveling

<P> "Ghost Blows Gaiden" Spring's first piece of information, "nine demon House" beta, open two new district nine Loop (telecommunications) and dark yoke (CNC). Ghost Blows official piece of information and new district to meet the comprehensive on-line, launched the "New play to send 50 calls" activities. The event attracted a lot of curiosity and concern players, play games gift pack, send props, see what the point card to send much more, this time even get phone calls? ! But the conditions made very simple, everyone has access to - as long as April 7, in the District 30 level, will be OK! Results of real money is not the wow gold same phone bill awards ah, so many players to bring friends with lead, have settled the game, more optimistic about the activities of Society awards, members of the collective to organize a result, the number of hot new area. Whether or black desert forest in the Northeast, or nine copies of the latest hot demon floor entrance, where you have to worry about people who never quite found a team to join the family ffxiv gil of the players themselves, and simply guild team information on the first window, we have a goal - that is, to reach 30 as soon as possible! ! <BR> New players team up two hot scenes <BR> Many players find a good team to nine demon House <BR> New stall hot scene "Ghost Blows Gaiden" "Play Area sent 50 calls," Event Rules: As long as the event page to receive a "proof of exploration demon" key to activate new area code in the game, and then in April 7 before the new district's role in Ghost Blows 30 and above, you can get 50 calls! <BR> Event Rules So far, Area Ghost Blows, already successfully reached thousands of players at level 30. Xiao Bian to remind the players the most crucial point - remember the big pass-completion of information, especially bound phone, so that wow can receive calls Oh! If the phone up account players can save this step. </P><br>

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Dragon does not delete files world record five new service today

<P> Myth light 3D online games, "Dragon World" hot test duration does not delete files. Just ten days, the game has reached millions of active players, the outbreak of online growth, the official opening of the 17 groups advance people have been full of new clothing (some servers have queues, please understand.) In order to meet the needs of players play a game, the second largest district in the official re-opening five million people chasing the new service. (Choose two area players, please click on the "II" button and then enter a user name and password login) at the same time, Longtenghuyue list, Nu Wa, and more exciting activities to send blessings on, will give players fun and affordable . 1, the new service open wow gold list: At 2:00 p.m. on April 2 (two) <BR> Second District: Azolla (telecommunications); Thinking of You (CNC) At 12:00 on April 3 <BR> Second District: Qing Yuan (telecommunications), the drain (CNC) At 18:00 on April 3rd <BR> General Order (telecommunications) 2, "Dragon World" does not delete files exciting activities First, the "Dragon World" continued to hit, record- "Dragon World" from 23 (last Tuesday) to open the file does not delete the test has been strong concern the majority of players, just a week, has a record number of records. 1, the day does not delete files, Baidu index reached 25,984. 2, Baidu Billboard (authority list) Myth game ranked fifth. 3, Baidu Billboard Hot one week, ranked fifth, more than "waste oil", "Muller female garter" rift gold and other social hot spots. 4, ranked second in the 17,173 download list, and a week in the charts. Second, the majority of players back, "Dragon World" opens a new event 1, professional first person sent to pull the wind horse "Dragon World" four occupations, Who is the first person? Dragon active list, to win their own honor and reward yourself! Longtenghuyue list 2, Qingming Goddess bless During the Ching Ming Festival (April 3 to 5 days), as long as the login the game to get Nu Wa blessed, to receive 1000 reign. Players arm themselves to better meet the more severe challenges. Goddess bless the world festival 3 million full-service drop Hao Li "Dragon World" operations team for nearly a million gift, including million in cash, bicycles, Kaspersky anti-virus software (3 edition), 50 mobile phone recharge cards, pillows, 10Q currency, exchange gifts and other novels tickets will be crazy in the game drop. When players in the Daguai, as long as the exchange to obtain the relevant gift cards and exchange operations conducted by NPC, you can send a wonderful gift to receive the official. At the same time, the game also known operational side of Kaspersky anti-virus software to work together, all up for the game, have access to Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Genuine Activation (half version) A, to secure account security. "Dragon World" does not delete the file test is a fiery, more Gifts waiting for you to receive. <BR> Copy of team battle </P>

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In addition to April Fool's Day online games outside doing what

<P> And to a year 1 April Fool's Day. Day On this day, even if no amount of lies that can not be overemphasized, friends tease each other, playing a trick is April Fool's Day spoof pass customs. A super spoof phone, or a humorous dig at the lie, is a unique way to draw closer to each other. However, even if had done April Fool's Day, you can guarantee you a hundred percent honest people? Especially for gamers, online games, virtual world, every day is April Fool's Day, you Tucao despicable liar, you really never done good conscience can guarantee it? </P> What you have done in the dofus kamas online games in good conscience? <P> Friends lie lie lie master does not flicker no union Not all lies are malicious. Just like the real world, in the face of embarrassing situations, we tend to give to friends lie. For example, an appointment with friends one day and the trade unions under the copy, this time his girlfriend called nagging, half-hearted in the copy will inevitably affect the team, so he had to pull reason to say: "We will soon be a power cut ... ...." In fact, rift plat are another cause of the general stood up, as the following figure: <BR> Pull grounds turned down union activities If you do can be forgiven for lying urgent because cherish each other, do not want to disappoint each other and had such an unwise move. But in the online world, officially because of you I do not know each other, that makes the lie to wanton, even cheated, as long off the assembly line to another is a hero. Furthermore, since money borrowed by Zhao Shuren no further without mercy, but others find themselves borrowing money has always Debating; friends is always a matter of course with their own, when his friends need time to install wow with no time ... ... Then one day morals, temptation black hand stretched out to their friends, and even swept the union property Xie Jukuan abscond, such cases are not accounted for in online games in the minority. (Text / 17173 CR) Have you ever fool your friends? >>> <BR> Nice trick, lie best friend <BR> Next: Invincible uncle passed false information to make something out of nothing </P>


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